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Food Fusion- The Fine art of Mixing Cuisine

With the world becoming a global village, creative fusion is not just a fad but a trend that is here to stay. From music to literature, art and theatre, cross-cultural impact is seen everywhere. In such a milieu, there is no reason why fusion food should not rise the popularity charts. With internet, global travel and a free exchange of ideas, its popularity has further increased. Why not- if you can mix elements from different cuisines and create a new gastronomical delight, what can be better. Here is how new lip smacking food is adding flavor to our life everyday:

Fusion cuisine is combining elements of different culinary traditions. The cuisine so created, does not adhere to any geographical borders. Since it is a new form, it is only limited by your imagination.

Fusion food can also be created whereby the dish is traditionally based on one culture but liberally uses ingredients of another. Think coriander, a Mediterranean herb, in Thai food. While many ingredients have made their way to food of opposing cultures, you could just about create a whole new fusion yourself too.

Another manifestation of fusion cuisine is a curious combination of different ingredients from various cuisines and regions. 

In fact fusion cuisine is increasingly becoming a norm instead of an exception. Asian fusion restaurants are a rage in Melbourne and Sydney while Malaysia is known to produce popular fusion cuisine between Malay, Japanese, Chinese and Indian food.

With so much happening in the fusion food domain, there is only one word of caution. The permutations have to be done for good taste and not for the sake of novelty alone. Under the euphemism of “globally inspired”, remember not to pass off poorly executed dishes. That said, here is to lip smacking food irrespective of where it draws from!


Cocina Mexicana – How much do you know about the Mexican Cuisine?

Mexican cuisine has always held a pride of place in world cuisine what with its exciting flavors. The cuisine dates back almost 900 years and has evolved as it integrated elements of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking with European, especially Spanish, elements.

While it is commonly believed that Mexican food is spicy and heavy, the fact is that authentic Mexican food is known for its flavor and lightness. It is known for its use of chillies, oregano, coriander, cinnamon and cocoa The typical Mexican flavor is also on account of generous use of Garlic, onions, lemons and lime.

Corn and Chilli peppers are known to play a big part in traditional Mexican food and form the base of Mexican cuisine. While Mexican snacks which include Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas, Tacos, Tortillas and more are today an inextricable part of world cuisine, not many know that chocolate is also Mexico’s contribution to the world.The word "chocolate" itself has originated from Mexico's Aztec cuisine, derived from the word  xocolatl.

Another famous aspect of Mexican cuisine are its desserts. They are known to combine hot and sweet elements into mouthwatering sweetmeats

While the rest of the world looks at Mexican food as one homogenous whole, the fact is that Mexico’s six regions vary considerably in terms of its cuisine. While the Yucatan region is home to sweeter and less spicy food, the Oaxacan region is known for its mole sauces. Popular dishes of Central Mexico include carnitas and pozole while Southeastern Mexican cooking has a Caribbean influence.

Integration of Mexican cuisine with the cuisine of the north gave rise to the immensely popular Tex-Mex food, a blend of flavors and recipes from the Mexican, Texan and American culture. With more people experiencing Mexican food, there is a growing demand for more authentic flavours. As they say, you havent visited Mexico if you havent tasted its delicacies.


5 handy Tips of Food Presentation

Food plating or the fine art of food presentation has a great impact on how food is perceived and eventually savored. It is a fact that one tends to eat with the eyes even before you taste it. Here are five handy tips on how to ensure that even a humble home cooked meal feels absolutely lavish.

1 Ensure your presentation gels with the occasion

Be mindful of the occasion when it comes to food plating. While a children’s party will call for fun plating, a formal meal will need you to be at your creative best.

2 The right balance

Sure you want to cook a host of things for that special dinner so that the guests find the variety amazing! What you also need to focus on, however, is the arrangement. Ensure that the different textures are combined artistically. Use the conecpts of balance as well as contrast to your advantage as you put together a mouth watering affair.

3 Tableware

Remember to choose your tableware correctly. Ideally the potion size should match the plate. This seemingly small tip can go a long way in food presentation. Too small a plate can lead to the food looking crowded while a large plate with few things to offer, will make it look sparse.

4 Timing

Another important aspect of food plating is its timing. Remember to serve a dish that is best eaten hot, piping hot in a hot plate. Using cold plates for hot servings and vice versa could take away from the pleasure of savouring the food.

5 Garnish

There is no thumb rule when it comes to garnishing. Some dishes can do with that extra dash of color and flavoring while others have a to-die-for flavor that is best left untouched. Simply go by the requirement of the dish in taking the decision to garnish it.

Go ahead and add to the aesthetic appeal of your cooking. With these small tips you are sure to add to those delectable dishes. “Finger licking good”, did we hear your guests just say!


Zomato Review

Good concept and decent execution. That probably sums up the review of this relatively new joint in Bur Dubai. It is located in the Ansar Gallery mall opposite the Consulate area. Ample parking space and the restaurant itself is quite huge. The name is what got me excited. They offer Mexican, Indian and Chinese under the same roof. Some dishes are unique, so you'd like to try them out. We ordered some nachos, arrabiata pasta and a sizzler dish they call Oye India! Food was decent. Service is good and quick. Quantity could be better, hence I cannot satisfactorily check the value for money column. But do give it a shot. Before I leave, try their brownie sizzler too. This place is a 100% vegetarian, so go ahead and enjoy fellow herbivores.

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